Martin, Is Me Flying To Work With This $86,000 Jetpack Possible?

If you have ever seen those movies where the man in some suit flies in the air, without being in a Jet or Plane, and not falling down but going up, Superman ain’t saving crap in this article. But a man named Martin is, and he has said to fulfilled many dreams by creating a [...]

Study Nationwide States Points Out AT&T Has Fastest Speeds, Sprint Sucks

Metrico Wireless has said that in a study done the performance of the mobile measurement of AT&T, shows that they have the fastest iPhone 4S data speeds overall, for both upload and download speeds. The data speeds of Sprint is pretty much five times slower, which goes to show and echoes the earlier “anecdotal” reports [...]

No New Plans For Apple To Support Siri On Older iPhones, Previous To The 4S

In the time that Apple showcased their Siri voice recognition software assistant, the company made it very clear that the feature would be only available on the iPhone 4S only. There was rumors going around that Siri required the iPhone 4S’s faster CPU, but there was a recent hack created that proved this rumor indeed [...]