Gigabyte’s Rock-Solid G1.Sniper2 Z68 Motherboard Get’s Approved By Nerds

Not totally enticed by the Sandy Bridge E that has become havoc in the PC market today, the good news is there is still alot of life left in the first generation LGA1155 CPU’s (Sandy Bridge) and Gigabyte has put out just another higher-end Z68 motherboard just to prove themselves. The G1.Sniper2 just achieved the […]

Apple Moves Their MacBook Pro’s Up With CPU, Graphics And Storage Upgrades

It was October 24th, that Apple released a small update for their MacBook Pro line, providing an upgraded CPU, Graphics, and better Storage options. In some of the options given when choosing a MacBook Pro to purchase, the prices are almost the same for the graphics and or storage choices as the previous MacBook Pro’s. […]

iPod Just Turned 10 Years Old On October 23rd, 2011

Ten years ago from last October 23rd, 2011, it was announced by Steve Jobs of the first ever made iPod, a mass storage MP3 player that no one I ever knew at my age at that time could afford. All MP3 players at that time were only lower-capacity storage capable because it was just the […]

“James Bond 23” Bad Guy Character Role for Ralph Fiennes?

It has been confirmed by Javier Bardem himself that he is going to be in the new movie “James Bond 23”. He has not accepted or rejected the request for this role in the movie yet, but Sam Mendes wants him to be all in. He admits that hes suprised, and we all understand when […]

Die Hard 5: A Good Day To Die Hard Coming In 2013

A rumor is lurking around the internet and now it`s an official rumor that Bruce Willis tossed his own salad and gave in to the reporter interviewing him that Die Hard 5 is almost complete and is coming out in 2013. The other source that gave up the “just of it” was Fox News: Fox […]

Sesame Street Channel On Youtube Hacked With Porn Uploaded

The day before yesterday, on Sunday the 16th of October, 2011 a extremely popular channel known for children friendly videos of muppets like Kermit, Big Bird, was replaced by something that is not meant for children in any part of the world. Hard core pornography. What do you think Ernie and Bert would think?, the […]