Tools For Driving Directions, Without Buying A GPS

There comes a time when we all need to go somewhere fast. We need directions right away, since we do not know the area. We don’t have time to drive to Future Shop to buy a GPS. Here’s what you will need to do this: -An internet connection to access Google Maps (well of course, […]

Smartphones, Detecting Depression? Yes

A new technology made specifically for smartphones is being created by Mobilyze, which the software is being developed at the Northwestern University, in creating a *virtual therapist* to help monitor the activity of one person’s life over several days which it then makes an assessment over that individual’s own mood. The lead researcher is saying […]

Using GPS’s For Mountain Biking

This technology has been out for quite awhile now, as GPS’s are pretty common to find for any purpose like if your driving, hiking, flying, and of course biking. There are many more uses for GPS’s in other activities aswell. But this article is specifically all about GPS’s for mountain biking as it is essential […]

Samsung Galaxy S II Received Port Of Ice Cream Sandwich Already? (This Includes LG Optimus 3D Aswell!)

I gotta say, hackers can work fast when they want to. It was previously this week that Google released their source code for Ice Cream Sandwich, which is just about four days later the new OS made it’s way onto the Galaxy S II. ICS truely looks pretty good on the nice looking display of […]

Man Behind Siri Voice For UK “Daniel” Speaks Up

A number of years ago, Jon Briggs did a voiceover job for a firm called Scansoft. The company later on merged with Nuance, which makes the voices that Apple used in their Siri. It was said by Briggs, telling the UK Telegraph: “I did a set of recordings with Scansoft five or six years ago, […]

iPad Car Integration ALREADY?

This is actually a good idea if you know what your doing. You may not have NAV, but at least you’ll have a touch-screen media player right in front of you, that you can detach and use anywhere. So anyways, somehow we could all see this coming, the Apple iPad being put into a car […]