Reference For Next Gen iPhone (5,1) And iPad In iOS 5.1 Beta

The beta for iOS 5.1 has seemed to show off a crapload of product ids with more exposure to the iPad 2,4 and also the codename of J33 for the Apple Television. The part number that has been discovered to this date coming from iOS 5.1 is the iPhone 5,1 which is noted by @FillippoBiga […]

Samsung Makes Fun Of iPhone Fans In Galaxy II Advertisement

A new commercial has surfaced of the new Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone which promoting the competition against the new iPhone and it’s fellow fans that lined up at retail stores nationwide to buy it. It mocks the fact that these people are also lining up for an iPhone 4S that is the same design […]

1st-Gen iPod Nano Worldwide Replacement Program Launched By Apple

It was today that Apple rolled out emails to users that own the company’s very first generation iPod Nano’s that they are now offering a replacement program that intends to address huge worries over the device overheating batteries that blow up and kill everyone within a whole city block. Joking, but yes the batteries overheat. […]

Internet Recovery Within Lion Now Available For Current-Gen Mac’s

It was announced on October 26th, 2011 that Apple released a series of firmware updates for their 2011 Mac lineup, which addressed bugs, and improved the stability of their computers. Though the iMac EFI Update 1.7 went a alot more further, which brought in a Lion Internet Recovery feature to the current generation of iMac […]

Apple Once Again Accepting Preorders For Next Round Of iPhone 4S Releases

Coming right after last weeks launch of the iPhone 4S in the first wave going out to seven countries, Apple set out to release the iPhone 4S in 22 additional countries, coming up next Friday, October 28th. Apple’s own online retail outlets in a large number of those countries started accepting preorders for the iPhone […]

Zune (discontinued) Creative Director Leading “Xbox 720” Development

It is said that Microsoft will be announcing their next-gen console the “Xbox 720” at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up next June (woah that’s close!). Meanwhile specifics on the next Xbox are not known and kept secret by the beholder, information has been leaked out on who is going to lead the creation […]

iPod Nano Feature: Shake… How to disable it!


This “shake” feature was designed to allow a user to shake their ipod back and forth to shuffle songs. When I’m playing a playlist that I customly made and I by accident move it enough that it shuffles it pisses me off!. Here’s how to remove it: Products Affected iPod nano (5th generation), iPod nano […]

Believed By EFF: Seizure and Search of Gizmodo’s “Editors” Computers Was Against The Law

Exclusive images of next-gen iPhone Electronic Frontier Foundations was spoken to by LaptopMag, Civil Liberties Director Jenniffer Granick concludes that the “search and seizure” of the equipment of computers owned by Jason Chen is against the law by both state and federal laws. The equipment owned by Chen was taken by law enforcement citizens because […]