Microsoft Takes On iOS Gaming With New Game Called “Kinectimals”


It was today that Microsoft took a huge step into the gaming platform, of the iOS with the newest release of the game Kinectimals. This new game, which is aiming to be played by children actually involves the interaction with virtual animals, which this game was debuted just last year on the Xbox 360 as […]

Apple Appealing, After Galaxy Tablet Ban In Australia Lifted

It has been reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that the courts in Australia have now lifted the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country of Australia, reversing the previous injunction. The full bench of the Federal Court – Justices John Dowsett, Lindsay Foster and David Yates – today unanimously reversed a […]

QWHAT!, In Every HTC Android Phones Being Sold, Microsoft Get’s $5…

For every HTC Android Phone sold, Microsoft will receive $5… and why?. It’s because the phone (made by Taiwan-based HTC Corp.), has to do with a “patent dispute settlement” filed by Microsoft, as a settlement after HTC has infringed on Microsoft’s “intellectual property”, which shrinks the margins of the Android equipped gadgets, allowing tablets and […]