Android’s Skype Takes In 70 Million Downloads On 1,300 Different Android Devices

Skype has just taken in over 70 million downloads while being “the most popular video calling application on the Android”. I actually know a few people who argue that there are much better applications out there but, the numbers are very difficult to argue against in terms of which application is the most used overall. […]

The Theories Behind Paid Dating Sites, Is It All A Scam?

I hope that the title did not make you all believe that I think that simply *ALL* paid dating sites are scams, I simply mean just a handfull of them and just one thing that they are doing to try to lure us into paying for their premium memberships. So the part of these dating […]

Apple Moves Up Free Holiday Shipping For Up To 2-3 Business Days For Delivery


Just late last month, it was announced by Apple that they would be offering a new standard for free shipping in orders placed with the U.S. online retail store until December 22nd. The U.S. store offers free shipping which requires a minimum purchase of $50 or more, though Apple is now moving that minimum aside […]

Phil’s Endrosement Followed By “Flipboard” Coming To iPhone


The quite famous social magazine called Flipboard, announced today with the release of the the universal version of their last iPad app, including the compatability for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The app allows you to collect a large amount of information from different sources that includes social networks, sites for news, also blogs, which […]

App Named “Cox TV Connect” Streams Live TV To iPad For Cox Customers

Now following the same footsteps of Cablevision, DirecTV, and also Time Warner, Cox Communications, are now giving out a free iPad App named Cox TV Connect for iPad which streams live TV for iPad customers at their homes. Cox TV Connect allows you to watch popular shows LIVE, right on your iPad: – Watch TV […]

With Dozens Of Android App Markets, Which One Will YOU Choose?

There are those apps you find in the market that are the most downloaded, and there are those apps you find in advertisements that claim are free, and that’s where they make their money in their apps, within the ads on the application itself. But anyways it’s a win-win situation when we get a free […]

New Protector For iPhones: “Hotspot Shield”

The well known free application for Windows and Mac (which is available here) for providing free anonymising protection while connected to Wi-Fi connections, was released for the iPhone today and also for the iPad and iPod Touch. It’s the first ever mobile move for the company AnchorFree. With the program calling itself the globes most […]

Huawei’s Android Profits Is Wanted To Be Shared By Microsoft

Being rewarded for it’s growth and successfulness within the product launches, Huawei is now finding themselves on the radar of Redmond’s patent fee hunters, who have claimed that the Android-based hardware impinges on their intellectual property. “Microsoft arrived on our doorstep”, the Chinese manufacturer has said, the chief marketing officer at a special event in […]

Winamp On The Mac Finally, 10 Years Later, With Android Music Synchronization

UPDATE: According to a fan of Winamp, AOL will be shutting down the development of the software indefinitely. As you may know, they probably will not release the source code for the software so no one can create a fork of it. Any ways, you can get the Windows version here now. Everything mentioned below […]

Mirroring Of AirPlay and iMessage On It’s Way To Mac OS X Lion

Mirrior in AirPlay and iMessage are apparently on their way to OS X Lion in a new report from 9to5Mac, and their sources. [youtube Xx_on3pWxvQ] This shows AirPlay Mirroring being demoed on an iPad 2 Mirroring in AirPlay is a newer feature that made it’s first appearance on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, which […]