iPhone 5 Coming This September Or October?

A blog from Japan called Macotakara (which reminds me of Taco’s everytime) has now reported that they have learned from a source that is “reliable” that Apple will be shooting for a September or later in October release of the iPhone 5 this current year, which makes a continued shift away from the middle of [...]

Will Apple Release “Garageband For E-Books” Coming Up On Thursday?

The education-focused media event being scheduled for this coming Thursday, with additional details that are apparently leaking out. It was just earlier this evening that The Wall Street Journal had reported that McGraw-Hill had been in the talks with Apple about a new project ever since last June. While it has been claimed by ArsTechnica [...]

Camera-Based Digital HandShake For Data Sharing Currently Being Researched By Apple

It has been pointed out by Patently Apple that a new application that is patented by Apple was created today that has disclosed the investigation of the company’s own methods for creating and establishing communication in between devices nearby purposely for sharing data in between different devices. Within the application, it is purposely made by [...]

iPhone’s AppleCare Now Available To Buy Within 30 Days Of Buying iPhone

During the launch of the iPhone 4S, Apple has released a new $99 AppleCare+ program that offers a longer warranty with damage coverage for accidental stuff. The package is moved and replaced with the $69 AppleCare that was offering but didn’t offer any accidental coverage. There was some confusion within the new AppleCare program as [...]

Shipments Of iPad 3 Displays Around 3 Million With January Rumored Release

It was just the day before today, that Digitimes had said and noted that Apple had lowered their fourth-quarter orders for their iPad 2 display components accordingly to take advantage of the production of the iPad 3 components. It was strategically planned by Apple that is apparently involving a boost in production of the parts [...]

1st-Gen iPod Nano Worldwide Replacement Program Launched By Apple

It was today that Apple rolled out emails to users that own the company’s very first generation iPod Nano’s that they are now offering a replacement program that intends to address huge worries over the device overheating batteries that blow up and kill everyone within a whole city block. Joking, but yes the batteries overheat. [...]

Adobe Flash Player 11.1 Available For Android?!, Fixing Problematic Issues

Just a couple days after Adobe said it would stop making flash for mobile devices all together, Adobe release Flash Player 11.1 for the Android devices. Why?, well I guess they just said “why not” since they were updating flash for Windows, Mac, Linux and Solaris too, which addresses “vulnerbilities that were critical” in the [...]

Integrated Speaker For iPod Nano & Shuffle Being Researched By Apple

As reported by Patently Apple, a much newer patent application from Apple describes the speaker being integrated into the clip of the iPod Nano or the Shuffle itself. Apple’s presumed design that will come with a portion that is recessed inside the mp3 player’s clip, would be housing a piezoelectric speaker. In part of this [...]

Australian Retailer Plays Cat & Mouse With Apple Over Galaxy Tab

It was noted previously last month, later on, that Apple had started letting Australian retailers of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the injunction, that would disallow the device to be sold in Australia entirely. The notice that Apple gave would be making it easier for the company to specifically target retailers with the seperate [...]

Aaron Sorkin Being Courted By Sony To Write Screenplay For New Steve Jobs Movie?

Source: Macrumors.com

In the beginning of October, Sony Pictures acquired rights for a movie to Walter Isaacsons authorized biography of Steve Jobs in adapting the story to be seen on the big screen. It was viewed by Sony as a good solution as being a film. As Columbia Pictures created a good movie out of the whole [...]