Will You Preorder The iPhone 5 Tommorow?

The iPhone 5 is rumored to come out tommorow, and that’s basically every technology blog on the internet saying this. Of course one blog says something, and the rest repeat it, like here. But I think the math has been done in the past iPhone releases, but let’s start from the bottom and make our […]

Samsung Galaxy S III Being Revealed Soon?

According to Gizmodo, just after alot of speculation and rumors, the newest Galaxy S from Samsung is now officially on it’s way. It will be shown on the 3rd of May in London at the “Samsung Mobile Unpacked” event which I am not quite sure if that already reveals that it will indeed be the […]

iPhone 5 Coming This September Or October?


A blog from Japan called Macotakara (which reminds me of Taco’s everytime) has now reported that they have learned from a source that is “reliable” that Apple will be shooting for a September or later in October release of the iPhone 5 this current year, which makes a continued shift away from the middle of […]

2012 Macworld: “Ready” To Be Doing Applications For iOS, MyBook Of WDC Thunderbolt Duo

The Macworld aka iWorld for 2012 has just started off this morning in San Francisco with the newest opening of the expo show floor. And for numerous years, Macworld was a major player in the trade show for Apple in announcing newer products. This venue was the releasing ground for the iPhone way back in […]

January Event From Apple Focusing On eBooks And Publishing


An event that is rumored to be held by Apple, which is apparently going to be located in New York City sometime later this month was reported originally to be “media-related”, and is not at all about the rumored Apple television or even an iPad update. It is being reported now by TechCrunch that the […]

App Store Getting “Infinity Blade II” App With Extreme Visuals, Also Enhanced Gameplay

In the event by Apple called “Let’s Talk iPhone” last October, Epic Games previewed the visuals from Infinity Blade II which is the sequel to the game developers successful title that was released almost a year ago. Infinity Blade, using the Epic Unreal Engine 3, has been well known for it’s very stunning graphics and […]

“Project Pink” by Microsoft owns a Webcast

Microsoft will be showing a a few Project Pink social networking-centric phones at a social gathering tommorow. Gizmodo will be covering it, and you can watch it while they cover it at this live webcast. How nice of them to be so social!. Matt, the commenter on this post by Gizmodo did work for them […]