Apple Buys HTML5 Developer Company “Particle”


It has been reported by CNET that Apple has just bought out a company named Particle, which is a smaller San Francisco company that was based on HTML5 Web and also Web app work. This proposition is noted to have been for their talent rather than any projects that they are working on right now. [...]

Employees Of Apple Getting $500 Off Mac’s & $250 Off iPads

9to5Mac has reported while the the town hall meeting went on yesterday, that Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had revealed to employees that they would be getting $500 off Mac’s and also $250 off iPad tablets. The program that is just in for discounts, begins as of June 2012, and also can only be used just [...]

Why To Not Buy A Bike From Your Local Department Store

Okay first of all, I might not have actual proof in my posession of a department store bike that fell apart, but I have seen the bikes being shipped into the backroom of a retail store and I’ve been one that had to put them together, and I’ve seen others doing it aswell. We honestly [...]

Self-Checkout Of Apple’s Retail App Working Good, Promotion Going Strong @ Grand Central

It has been reported by CNBC of word from someone who is claiming that Apple has been very happy with the usage of their new self-checkout retail store app by customers, and also the use of their EasyPay self-checkout system for their own retail stores. With this system, anyone can use their own Apple Store [...]

Apple & Employees Donate $2.6 Million To Charity Directly Through Matching Program

Apple gave exactly the same amount of money that their employees gave which was $1.3 Million in total being $2.6 Million that was donated to a charity program that CEO Tim Cook rolled out earlier this current year. Through the program, Apple had said they would match the earnings that the U.S. full-time workers provided [...]

Apple Employees Created Music Video Teaching Customer Skills For Serving Customers

This video was made by all of the staff at the Apple Retail Store as a way to entertain, and train their workers the customer service strategy. This strategy was based upon the Ritz Carlton Hotel, which is widely known as the gold standard in customer service, allowing workers from Apple Retail Stores to help [...]

Apple’s New In-Store Pickup & Self-Check Out Process Details


Macrumors previously released some details on the interesting changes that have come to the Apple retail stores as of last thursday, November 1st. The updates come with the abilities to pick-up your orders from your local Apple stores instead of having them shipped to your door. And also, there is a new self-checkout option. These [...]

Apple’s Self Checkout Through iOS Application Available For Accessory Purchases


It has been learned by Macrumors that Apple is going to release an update to their retail store iOS app which gives customers the option to take advantage of the self-checkout option for buying accessories, and other stocked items on the shelf that are available in the retail stores of Apple. The source says that [...]

Annual Report From Apple: More Sales, More Hiring, No Dividends On Their Way

It was October 26th, that Apple filed their 2011 annual report of their U.S. Securities and Exchange commission which was a document that revealed more interesting details of information: – Apple now has 60,400 full time equivalent employees, up from 46,600 last year. The company also went from employing 2,800 full-time equivalent temporary employees and [...]