Event For iPad Mini Focusing On Boring iBooks Again

It has been reported recently by The Next Web that the hinted iPad Mini event is scheduled for October 23rd and will be having the specific focus on iBooks. The newest iPad Mini will be aiming towards at smaller tablets just like the Kindle Fire, which are generally used to provide content like books and […]

Wouldn’t It Be Cool If Your Wristwatch Synced With Your iPhone Or Android?

So I myself have seen some lame products that are being promoted through the “kickstarter” program, so this site is where people go to try and promote whatever product they have to see if they can make it become a reality as a success in sales, if people like the idea and donate some money […]

We All Get Spam All The Time But, Death Threats?

So we all get spam in our inbox’s all the time, well for me specifically in my junkmail folder but… it’s always usually scams with people offering Viagra pills, Acai berry products and people offering to send millions of dollars to be sent to someone that apparently know in your country, with you getting a […]

Apple Suspending MobileMe/iCloud Email Push Within Germany Because Of Lawsuit


It was noted by Engadget, that Apple had informed all customers that a “Push email service” has been suspended for the MobileMe and iCloud customers in Germany mainly because of the successful patent litigation brought in by Motorola Mobility. Affected customers will still receive iCloud and MobileMe email, but new messages will be downloaded to […]

NTSB Seeking Ban For Hands-Free Mobile Calls In Vehicles


As you may have heard already the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) seeked a ban on mobile hands-free calls while operating a vehicle. They requested the ban from all states in the U.S. but have not succeeded, and why you ask?. First, here’s my take. Say you don’t have a phone and your talking to […]

iTunes 10.5.1 Beta 3 Released By Apple, More iTunes Match Testing

Source: Macrumors.com Source: Macrumors.com After deleting iTunes Match libraries just today, Apple seeded iTunes to developers with the now third  10.5.1 Beta. This new beta update is including numerous “important” stability and performance improvements for iTunes Match. Apple deleted iTunes Match libraries that were kept in iCloud previously today in preporation for the release of […]

Apple Continues To Delete iTunes Match Libraries On November 12th

As it is a number of times that Apple did this while developers were testing the iTunes Match beta, Apple has composed a new email to all developers registered in indicating that they will be once again deleting any iTunes Match libraries. The latest deletion is to be scheduled for tommorow, November 12th. As we […]

DirecTV and Bloomberg TV Debuted On New Live Streaming Services On iPad

Media and Data Financial company Bloomberg, on October 27th, 2011 launched a new Bloomberg TV+ application for the iPad tablet, giving out free, ad-supported live streaming from the financial news channel. – Live TV: Bloomberg Television Live 24-hours a day – Featured videos: The biggest business stories right now prioritized by importance – Last 24 […]

Friend On Hotmail Get Hacked? Here’s How To Let Microsoft Know

There is an email I received from Hotmail stating that there is a new way to handle emails sent to you from your friends that are not sent by them. With their “SmartScreen” technology, it is designed to capture spam before it gets to your inbox. Even with the filter though, spam messages appear in […]