App Store By Apple Achieves 25 Billion Downloads, On Pace Now For 15 Billion Apps Every Year


The App Store by Apple just yesterday reached 26 billion downloads ever since it’s own inception in the year of 2008, going along with the milestone that was reached at the end of the companies “25 Billion App Countdown” promo that was released just about two weeks ago. The promo winners, which is to be […]

Your Dream Job: NASA Posts Wanted Sign Over Astronaut Jobs


Are you ready to start a new career as fulfilling Master Chief’s dream as a child before he grew to be 200 years old into the future before he actually could use the Halo Suit?. An Astronaut is definitely the place to start, and if you start ringing the doorbell at NASA’s doorsteps, since the […]

Seven Different Linux Distributions That Look Like Mac OS X (Any Version)


From the top to the bottom, in order are the best to least best but still good Linux distributions as there will never be one version of Linux, as there is only one distribution for Windows or Mac OS X. 1. Elementary OS “Luna” This is the next-generation of Linux distro’s right here. It’s got […]