Upcoming iPhone Will Have Slimmer, Better Quality Screen

Source: MacRumors.com

It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal, in regards to the next gen iPhone which they say will be using “in-cell” technology which will be making the display even thinner than ever before. As a matter of fact too, the mass production process for the newest screens has already begun. Japanese liquid-crystal-display makers [...]

New Retina MacBook Pro Pushes Graphics To The Limits

Retina MacBook Pro at only 21 frames per second while looking over Facebook (look at the meter at the top left).

Right after the release of the latest MacBook Pro with the Retina display just previously last month, AnandTech had provided a glimpse, first-hand of the machine’s display performance, while sharing the resolution options to all fans and examines the color and contrast compared to any other notebooks that are made today. Just having some more [...]

Apple Trying Taller iPhone Prototypes With 3.95″ 1136×640 Dispaly?

It has been reported by 9to5Mac that Apple is currently testing out two different prototypes of a possible next-generation iPhone that will be offering a much taller screen while keeping the current 640-pixel width still. The report says that the two prototypes are coming with a height of about 1136 pixels, which is going up [...]

For Music & Smartphones, There Are No Oranges, Just Apples

Source: 123rf.com

The iPhone when paired with iTunes is the only reason I like that phone. I like the easy-to-use interface, and the non-duplicate-songs enabled feature. It’s not really a feature, but a part of the software. Most home stereos support iPods or iPhones for music playback, most people that want an iPod get the iPhone because [...]

iPad 3 Is Confirmed To Have A 2048×1536 Retina Display

Just over the previous two months from now, numerous images of displays were claiming to be from the iPad 3 which were coming to the surface from many different sources. Part leaks are usually pretty typical within the pre-release of a certain device, especially from Apple, as their release of iPad 3 is expected sometime [...]

Samsung Continuing To Provoke Apple Fans With New Superbowl Advertisement For Galaxy Note

Another commercial was aired by Samsung and this time in the name of the Super Bowl, with a similar commercial to the last one that mocks Apple fans. Inside this advertisement, it is being pushed heavily by Samsung with the enwest Samsung Galaxy Note. Just like the ads that are previous to this one, it [...]

Samsung To Compete Against Apple In Market With “Retina” Display Tablet

The battle that is currently ongoing with Samsung and Apple might be getting alot more intense coming this February. It has been reported by BGR that Samsung is in preporations to release their own high resolution 11.6″ tablet which will have a resolution of 2560 x 1600. Even though the tablet features a larger display [...]

Thunderbolt Docking System In Works Of Intel, For PC’s

It has been reported by VR-Zone, that Intel is silently putting the work into making a new standard docking format for the newest Ultrabook platform. The newest docking station would be integrating a Thunderbolt connector, and also a proprietary connector additionally. The newest non-Thunderbolt display port would apparently be utilized as a power source additionally, [...]

Exhibition Of Steve Jobs Now Located At U.S. Patent Office Museum

U.S. Patent and Office for Trademarks was opened last week showing off a new exhibition that honors Steve Jobs in their museum in Alexandria, Virginia. Directly located at the atrium of the office’s Madison Building headquarters. This new free museum is offering exhibits that are interactive, with a theater and portait gallery. The exhibit showcasing [...]

Shipments Of iPad 3 Displays Around 3 Million With January Rumored Release

It was just the day before today, that Digitimes had said and noted that Apple had lowered their fourth-quarter orders for their iPad 2 display components accordingly to take advantage of the production of the iPad 3 components. It was strategically planned by Apple that is apparently involving a boost in production of the parts [...]