In October, iPad 4?, While iPad 3 Remains Small Upgrade?


Within the effort to continue to throw all the ideas out there to see what could be possible, the usually reliable Digitimes has reported today that Apple may just be releasing the iPad 3 with a much higher-resolution display as of March which is expected very widely, though the company will also be following up […]

Middle-Range And Also Higher-End iPad 3 Models Being Released Within iWorld Not Likely

There’s been a number of rumors going around saying that the next generation iPad that is being expected to be released sometime in 2012. The source stating this is Digitimes for a number of these reports coming in, though these claims are starting to increase and become questionable. The newest report from the newest publication […]

Production of iPhone 3GS Targeted @ Two Million Units For This Quarter, CDMA iPhone 4 @ One Million

As alot has been made within the very strong sales of the iPhone this quarter, some estimates are now moving towards 30 million units, which the fact of the matter is that the mix of iPhone models is contributing this number. The majority significantly determines most certainly from the current iPhone 4S, though Apple has […]

MacBook Air Lineup Getting Update, Along With 15″ Model Around 1Q 2012?

It has been reported by Digitimes that an update has been set for the MacBook Air by Apple, for earlier next year. Now with a 15″ model that will be appearing on the side of the refreshed 11.6″ and 13.4″ models. It’s reported that the update will be taking place around the first quarter of […]

Codename For iPad 3 Discovered in iOS5, Confirming Existence Within Rumors

Alot of rumors have been supplied by Digitimes, for upcoming products from Apple, though the accuracy always ends up being in the great debate. So far though, MacRumors reports that base don their findings, only 55% of Digitimes rumors are accurate, that could later on be confirmed to be true. A finding of a codename […]

Shipments Of iPad 3 Displays Around 3 Million With January Rumored Release


It was just the day before today, that Digitimes had said and noted that Apple had lowered their fourth-quarter orders for their iPad 2 display components accordingly to take advantage of the production of the iPad 3 components. It was strategically planned by Apple that is apparently involving a boost in production of the parts […]

Super-Thin Laptop Due For Match 2012 From Apple?

It has been reported by Digitimes that a generally small amount of components for the 15″ super-thin laptop from Apple will be shipping currently this month with mass shipments of the laptop start ing in the beginning of Match 2012. Upstream suppliers of Apple have recently started shipping a small volume of components for a […]

Newest iPad Being Released In March?, Or Not Until Q3 2012?

On and off, the industry publisher Digitimes keeps saying that Apple’s next iPad will be getting into massive factory production very soon and will come out in March 2012, the catch which is according to their own sources, that this newer iPad is not seen by Apple as being the iPad 3, but instead a […]