“Food & Drink” Category Added in App Store by Apple

Source: MacRumors.com

Just a number of weeks ago, it was noted by MacStories that Apple had been telling developers that a newer category called “Food & Drink” would be coming to the App Store. “In the next few weeks”, applications will be automatically migrated to the new category; currently, the App Store doesn’t provide a specific category [...]

Bloomberg Says iPad Mini Coming This October At Same Time As iPhone 5

Concept of the 7.85" iPad Mini, directly next to an iPad 2 (from CiccareseDesign)

Just a few hours after the most recent overview of the reports of the iPad Mini potentially being a product that could be released this October from Apple, it has been said by Bloomberg that Apple will indeed by releasing the device this October, or at least announcing it and releasing it later on this [...]

Adobe Announces End Of Flash Installs For Android As Of August 15th This Year

Source: MacRumors.com

It was revealed last November by Adobe that there was going to be and end to the development of the Flash Player for the Android and mostly all mobile platforms, while opting not to alter the plugin for new browsers, operating systems and other device configurations. The announcement that was made came just a year [...]

Rumors Of New Apple iOS Dock Connector Revealed

Source: MacRumors.com

Previously in February, it was reported by iMore that Apple had been working on a much smaller dock connector for all of their iOS devices, and they were figuring out how they could shrink the size of the most current 30-pin connector accordingly to allow their hardware to become even smaller and also provide space [...]

Foxconn & Sharp Grouping Together To Create iPhone Display Factory In China

Just after an agreement made in March that led to Foxconn and Sharp getting into a partnership in advancing their LCD technology, Reuters has reported recently a new article from a business newspaper from Japan Nikkei which indicated that the two big companies are teaming up specifically to construct a brand new factory in Chengdu, [...]

Mountain Lion Update Provided By Apple (Developer Preview 3)

A software update was issued by Apple today for OS X Mountain Lion, the Developer Preview 3. The Developer Preview 3 was released to all developers. This update brings a new build number of Mountain Lion now going up to 12A193i (as previously being 12A178q). If you already have Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 installed, [...]

Run Windows 8 Onto Your iPad, Why Would You Want To?

A brand new application is now allowing anyone to run Windows 8 on their iPad from your PC. Why would you want to do it though?. Well, like some of us, even if we like playing around with different kinds of technology, that may even include software from Microsoft themselves as mainstream as they pretty [...]

Fiber Optic Thunderbolt Cables On The Way This Year Says Intel

Fiber Optic Cables is something of Intel’s Thunderbolt Technology  which is being promised by Intel to be released later this year which offers longer cable lengths and this pretty much sets the stage for even faster connectivity as one of the standard matures. In the beginning though Thunderbolt was released only with the regular copper [...]

The Creative Design’s From Apple Discussed By Jony Ive

The Design Chief at Apple, Jony Ive took part in a rare interview of a Q&A exchange in part with the London Evening Standard, showing off his own perspective on numerous subjects of how designs at Apple really work. Q: How does a new product come about at Apple? A: What I love about the [...]

Water Blocking Technology By HzO “In The Process” Of Being Offered To Apple For Future iPhones

It has been reported by Pocket-lint that the company from Utah named HzO, which has already showed off their “WaterBlock” technology that provides water resistance to any mobile devices just at the CES show last week, is saying that they are in the process of talking to Apple about the future potential of their product [...]