Facebook Hires Original Apple iPhone Engineers For Rumored Facebook Phone

There’s been numerous hints and rumors and talks in regards to Facebook that may just be creating their own phone, to enter the mobile phone market with their own device. The NYTimes has already brought back these rumors just this weekend in saying in a report that says that Facebook is actually planning to release […]

Phone Forensics Software By Elcomsoft Provides Real-Time Access To Backups From iCloud

A firm that is Russian and is involved in Forensics named ElcomSoft just earlier this week revealed that they have found a way to access iCloud backups of iOS devices already, which integrates the functionality into their newest application called Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker. As the Apple ID and also password must be remembered before […]

“Draw Something” Bought By Zynga (Original Creator Of OMGPOP For $202 Million)

Zynga, the social game-creator has purchased the company OMGPOP, for the house of development directly behind the very popular Draw Something. This new purchase of theirs was made for a price of a reported $180 million and plus $30 million in the retention payments for employees, which is being said by Peter Kafka from All […]

Media Event For iPad 3 In The Works For Beginning Of February?

The media event by Apple that is education-focused, is reported to be on Thursday, though a Japanese blog called Macotakara has reported that Apple is currently already making plans for a very early event in February which would be introducing the iPad 3 directly before the release in March. This event is to be said […]

Thunderbolt Docking System In Works Of Intel, For PC’s

It has been reported by VR-Zone, that Intel is silently putting the work into making a new standard docking format for the newest Ultrabook platform. The newest docking station would be integrating a Thunderbolt connector, and also a proprietary connector additionally. The newest non-Thunderbolt display port would apparently be utilized as a power source additionally, […]

Flash Player Discontinued By Adobe For Mobile Devices

It has been reported by ZDNet that Adobe has released plans for it’s partners showing that the company has officially discontinued their plans for development of their Flash Player for mobile browsers on smartphones. The new details come from almost a year and a half the newer publication of the “Thoughts on Flash” open letter […]

Biography Of Steve Jobs: In The Works Of Launching The iPad

During the time that a reader was reading Steve Job’s Biography, they noticed that there was quite a few interesting details of the work behind the development of the iPad. When the concept of the iPad was just being cranked out by Steve Jobs, Jonathan Ive created a few designs that remained concepts that helped […]

Zune (discontinued) Creative Director Leading “Xbox 720” Development

It is said that Microsoft will be announcing their next-gen console the “Xbox 720” at the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo coming up next June (woah that’s close!). Meanwhile specifics on the next Xbox are not known and kept secret by the beholder, information has been leaked out on who is going to lead the creation […]