Copy Protection Of Apple’s iBooks Cracked Just Recently

It has been reported by The Digital Reader that Apple’s iBooks Digital Rights Management (DRM) has now been cracked just recently for the first time, ever. Reports are coming in today that the latest version of Requiem, an app that removes Fairplay DRM from music and videos sold via iTunes, will now also remove the […]

Man Runs Over iPad 2 With Cadillac

[youtube eFG76535atY] And so there comes a time when someone does something stupid to something really expensive, but this time he was smart and used a G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve to protect it from getting damaged. And I am guessing that if he didn’t use the sleeve, that the iPad would be literally cracked, or […]

Protocol Of Siri Hacked, And Unique iPhone 4S ID Requirements Throws Off Distribution

The developers from Applidium who released an open source VLC video player to the Appe Store have only pulled over their licensing issues, but have also released information that they have reverse engineered the protocol which allows Siri to talk to Apple’s own servers.. With an example cited, in which they were capable of communicated […]

CBS Turns Down Deal With Apple, TV Subscription Service Deal

Meanwhile, during a call today regarding earnings, CBS CEO Les Moonves is reporting to be having revealed that CBS has rejected Apple’s TV service deal that would rely mainly on advertising money. Reported by GigaOM: When asked about CBS’s appetite for striking deals with new streaming providers that might not have the money to pay […]

Creator Of iTunes Leading Apple Television Efforts?

Jeff Robbin, who created the iTunes app we all love was the co-leader of the original iPod, with Tony Fadell, and is moving up to Apple’s Television efforts, as said by Bloomberg in their report. Apple Inc. is turning to the software engineer who built iTunes to help lead its development of a television set, […]