Apple Attempts To Take Domain


Since there’s been alot of debates over the question if Apple will be naming the upcoming iPhone the “iPhone 5”, “iPhone 6”, or just a general name like “iPhone” still remains a question. The newest iPad was named the new “iPad”, not the “iPad 3”. It has been noted though, by Fusible that a claim […]

SiriProxy Brings In Voice Recognition For Third Party Applications (Video Included)


If you want to go ahead and rewind your head and think back to earlier this week, and you may just remember a new clever proxy server from @plamoni that allowed Siri’s control of the thermostat, with spoken commands. Now with the same kind of engineering, has been enabled and exploited to provide voice recognitiion […]

Siri-Enabled Television Set Being Looked At By Apple, With Possible Release For 2013

Apple is definitely thinking of releasing their TV set, which Nick Bilton says, from the New York Times. The Television, which may come with voice control as courtesy of Siri, may be announced as of later in 2012, with a release to the consumers in 2013. Quoted by Bilton, is sources that are anonymous saying […]

How To Disable Or Enable Password Upon Wakeup From Sleep Mode In Windows 7 (Any Version)

1. Click on Start, Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, then look below Power Options and click “Require a password when the computer wakes” then you will see a window that looks like this: Click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” link. 2. To disable this password requirement: A) Click on NO for “Require a […]