Apple Deciding On Building New Data Center In Oregon


It has been reported by that Apple is at this moment deciding on if they will be building a brand new data center in Prineville, Oregon which would be complimenting their newly opened data center in Maiden, North Carolina. It is currently an option for Apple to buy out 160 acres of new land […]

Apple Retail Store In Grand Central Terminal Not Opening Anytime Soon


It was earlier this week that we said that Apple was preparing to release the grand opening plans for their newest and massive Grand Central Terminal retail store today, these rumors suggested that Apple would be opening the store this comingr Friday or of course “shortly thereafter”. It has been reported by Mashable, that the […]

In The Movie Fast Five: How The Bank Safe Stunt Was Done

An individual who reviewed the movie “Fast Five” said “Never has a movie ever since ‘The Blues Brothers’ has there been so many vehicles being wrecked”. The movie costed $175 million to make. And so this is most likely true, about the Blues Brothers. But the film directors had said that they ruined over 200 […]