Review Of iPad Issued, Release Date Here, Tear-apart Imminent, Mini-iPad Coming Up Next?


The actual release date of the device is tommorow, and a review of the iPad 3 is now here as made by TechRadar: [youtube 6bw4ehq3rIY] Prices are going for: iPad 2 16GB: $419 iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi + 3G: $519 iPad 3 16GB: $519 iPad 3 32GB: $619 iPad 3 64GB: $719 All in CAD […]

Water Blocking Technology By HzO “In The Process” Of Being Offered To Apple For Future iPhones


It has been reported by Pocket-lint that the company from Utah named HzO, which has already showed off their “WaterBlock” technology that provides water resistance to any mobile devices just at the CES show last week, is saying that they are in the process of talking to Apple about the future potential of their product […]

Consumer Electronics Show For 2012: Hub From LaCie Connects eSATA Drives To Mac’s With Thunderbolt


It has been reported by CNET about a newer eSATA Hub coming directly from LaCie which gives you the option to connect an external eSATA drive to your Mac that comes with Thunderbolt. This brand new hub includes two Thunderbolt ports too with also two eSATA ports too. Any users can connect their own eSATA […]

Andreas Hestler Shows Us How To Shift Gears Properly

As a new mountain biker finds out how each and every lever motion shifts to a harder or easier gear, making pedalling easier, she or he will know how to shift correctly right?. Though to stop just being a mis-shifter with grending the bike gears when they cannot find the right gear, it all takes […]

What Is The Most Expensive Mountain Bike?

Mountain bikes are usually constructed of a number of different materials to be made for the most part lightweight, and to be able to handle most different terrains that are thrown at them like mountains of course and other crap you can think of. You can either spend under $1000 or over $10,000 for a […]

Apple MacBook Air AMD Fusion Prototypes “Were” In Late Stages

It has been claimed by SemiAccurate that Apple had late stages of the AMD Llano based prototypes of the MacBook Air just last spring and had been “on the verge of production”. If you are wondering why the Air wasn’t really revamped much this last time, it is because you are looking at plan B. […]

Super-Thin Laptop Due For Match 2012 From Apple?

It has been reported by Digitimes that a generally small amount of components for the 15″ super-thin laptop from Apple will be shipping currently this month with mass shipments of the laptop start ing in the beginning of Match 2012. Upstream suppliers of Apple have recently started shipping a small volume of components for a […]