“iPad Mini” may just be coming this fall, NYT says

A concerto of reports released by the New York Times has shown a strong sign of an iPad mini with a 7.85″ screen coming this fall possibly. Just about two weeks ago, a report was offered by Bloomberg that is very similar and shows the same news, while also showing some other information from some […]

Amazon partnering with Foxconn to take on Apple in smartphones

It has been reported by Bloomberg that Amazon is working on partnering with Foxconn to create a brand new smartphone product that would compete with the iPhone, which would also compete with other smartphone brands as well and not just specifically Apple. A smartphone would give Amazon a wider range of low-priced hardware devices that […]

Voice Recognition Interfaces In Preporation For TV Industry For 2012


It has been reported by Businessweek regarding a movement that is going towards voice recognition enabled TV remotes in the coming months, up to a year from now. This decision has been triggered by Apple’s own plans in entering the TV market in the coming months aswell. It was said by Steve Jobs that he […]

The Competition Is Already Shaking In Their Boots Regarding Apple’s Television Set Plans


It has been reported by AllThingsD, on a just recent research that is noted by an analyst named Peter Misek, that suggests that manufacturers are already basically scrambling and shaking in their boots in a reaction to the claims that Apple is in preporations to enter the television set market very soon. Rather than being […]

Kindle Fire Tablet Welcomed By Apple And More Android Fragmentations

A portion of information shared by Business Insider indicates that research that was issued today by Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes, recently visited with Apple CEO Tim Cook and CFO Peter Oppenheimer in a meeting, for a discussion on Amazon’s newest $199 Kindle Fire that is a tablet based on the Android. Executives have said, that […]