CNET’s Kindle Fire Giveaway

The Tablets are the newest trend these days to be able to read books, surf the internet and red articles, play games, and the list goes on. The price range for one of these goes from $99 to $600. But what would you do if you got one for free?. Well CNET has a giveaway […]

How About A Banana Piano?

As you can see in this photo, the guy hooked up some wires to some Bananas to a circuit board and make a Banana Piano, while the whole thing is hooked up to a MacBook Air with custom software, it’s pretty brilliant I’d say. It all started when two MIT students named Jay Silver and […]

How To Fix Firefox 14.0.1 Crashing In Windows XP Home 32-bit

I had to find that image from another site because I couldn’t take a screenshot properly, Firefox keeps closing by itself. I have tried things and tried again, I’m sick of this problem while using Windows XP Home 32-bit. I am obviously using Firefox 14.0.1, and I tried downgrading Firefox to 3.6. The second I […]

Is it OK to have a boring laptop?

I can say that I will agree that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is a winner for it’s title of being a “Pro” in the MacBook lineup, even though it’s now only either an “Air” lineup or a “Pro” lineup and the regular MacBooks are no longer. With the rumors speculating on a new Apple notebook […]

Facebook Unfriending Leads To Murder

Okay so according to Cnet, I’m sure alot of people hate it when any of there friends can remove them off their friend’s list, well apparently this has lead to murder. And stay tuned for more, because I think that this is just the beginning, as the feature can REALLY piss anyone off, leading to […]

Google Says “Google Music” Is Being Released Next Week

Apparently Google will be unveiling their “Google Music” service as of November 16th, 2011. The Internet giant started emailing invites to users to an event day that they are calling “These Go To Eleven.” Which is a reference apparently, of course to the mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap” and their leader guitarist Nigel Tufnel who […]