Why Read Magazines Anymore? That’s What Blogs Are For…

Magazines were something I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid. I loved Popular Science and Popular Mechanics, and I always gazed at other magazines like PCworld and other magazines to do with Mac’s and other stuff that was technology related. On top of that I read Automobile and also Car And Driver. But do I still […]

NTSB Seeking Ban For Hands-Free Mobile Calls In Vehicles


As you may have heard already the NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) seeked a ban on mobile hands-free calls while operating a vehicle. They requested the ban from all states in the U.S. but have not succeeded, and why you ask?. First, here’s my take. Say you don’t have a phone and your talking to […]

Footage Of Japanese Tsunami Captured From Dashcam


There has been some footage from the earthquake and tsunami from last march that struck Japan already, though some people managed to capture the devastation of this situation on camera, like this clip shown after this paragraph.This footage was taken froma dash camera that was mounted on the man’s own vehicle as the waters from […]

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Revealed

The trailer that GTA fans have been waiting for that was announced when the game “Grand Theft Auto V” was announced that showed a countdown before the trailer was first released, has been released. Rockstar games uploaded it onto their website, with no release date of the game announced yet, but the game stars a […]

Fast Five Movie Review

So what’s selling this movie out first off is the actors “Vin Diesel” and “The Rock” (who would sound cooler with using his real name, I think). The main reason I considered watching it is because I actually always have loved the newest sequels of “The Fast & Furious” movies, and last but not least […]

The Worst Selling Trucks and Cars In Canada, Top Ten

To the end of the year there’s always best and worst lists drifting over the internet if it comes to cars, computers or anything else you could imagine. The Auto site of Canada Wheels.ca has given us a look at the car purchasing habits across the nation in a list of Canada’s top 10 worst […]