Apple “Deciding” On To Either Keep Mac Pro Line Or Lose It

It was sometime late last week that it was said that the pricing information for the newest Intel “Sandy Bridge E Xeon” CPU’s that were coming to the surface, and Apple’s options for the “Early 2012” Mac Pro’s have started to not show up. The Mac Pro hasn’t been refreshed since it was refreshed in […]

In The Movie Fast Five: How The Bank Safe Stunt Was Done

An individual who reviewed the movie “Fast Five” said “Never has a movie ever since ‘The Blues Brothers’ has there been so many vehicles being wrecked”. The movie costed $175 million to make. And so this is most likely true, about the Blues Brothers. But the film directors had said that they ruined over 200 […]

Chips From Intel Delays Suggesting No Mac Pro Refresh’s Till Early 2012

Mac Pro customers that were potentially interested in an upgrade, were awaiting a refresh for the big mac from Apple this year, but from the looks of it, the last update was sometime in July 2010. Anticipation in regards to the updated Mac Pro was in hype last June, with numerous claims of a possible […]