World’s First Solar Powered Guitar?

So this man is claiming to have invented the first ever solar-powered electric guitar. His playing sounds good, and especially on his own invention that he claims to be “solar-powered”. There is also a “solar-powered guitar” that is made by Tascam. Maybe it’s a scam?. Anyways they call it the “TC1S Solar Powered Guitar and […]

Apple Being Ranked 5th Busiest U.S. Online Retail Store During Black Friday


A research company named comScore just today revealed their data regarding the U.S. shipping ranks on Black Friday. It shows sales going strong in the $816 million range, which is up from 26% from the numbers from last year’s Black Friday. The data shows accordingly however, that Apple was the 5th busiest online retail store […]

Black Friday Is Almost Here, Apple’s iPad 2, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac Being Discounted


It has been revealed by 9to5Mac of the prices for the 2011 Black Friday Sales. The lineup of discounts with last years prices, with only small discounts on the products made by the company. Drops in prices for the core products within Apple are: iPad 2 – $41 to $61 Off iPod nano – $11 […]

Lawsuit Reaches Settlement Over MagSafe Connecters Being Frayed

Today, Apple posted a new document of support aimed towards showing the things to do if people go through strain relief issues with their “T” style MagSafe power cables for a number of their laptops. The issues that are long-standing, is that fraying happens on these cables which is resulting in Apple redesigning the MagSafe […]

iPad 2 Updates In Accessories: Smart Cover Offerings (with Color Tweaks)

On the same day that Apple updated their MacBook Pro’s, Apple also updated their iPad 2 Smart Cover accessories. They discontinued their orange polyurethane cover while replacing it with a newer dark gray cover. Other changes to the Smart Covers: -Color of interior now matches up with exterior color. The side of the interior of […]

In The Movie Fast Five: How The Bank Safe Stunt Was Done

An individual who reviewed the movie “Fast Five” said “Never has a movie ever since ‘The Blues Brothers’ has there been so many vehicles being wrecked”. The movie costed $175 million to make. And so this is most likely true, about the Blues Brothers. But the film directors had said that they ruined over 200 […]

Metallica Releasing New Album This Year? “Secret Recording Project?” Reveals Details


It was hinted a few weeks ago by Kirk Hammett that a new Metallica album may be imminent. It’s apparently “not really 100 percent a Metallica record.”. Meanwhile it may have been something that Kirk jumped the gun on “(and has since been properly punished with a series of pushups)”, Metallica is even more than […]