Average Price Of iPhone Stays The Same Even With Free iPhone 3GS Offer


Just earlier this week it was reported by Apple in showing their best earnings ever in this quarter, which takes in just more than $46 billion over the past three months. And about 53% of that revenue was from the sales of 37 million iPhones, which went for an average selling price of around $660. […]

Apple Excited In Recently Being Globe’s Best Selling PC Vendor With Tablets Too


Canalys the research firm has said today that Apple is appearing to be becoming the globe’s biggest PC manufacturer, by the volume only if the iPad and other tablets are a part of those figures. It shows the company already within the ranks leaving them directly below HP, though Canalys is not sure if Apple […]

Just Over 10% Of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Using iPhone Now

Results were released by comScore yesterday to show their latest survey of the mobile phone usage in the United States Of America, showing that Apple has reached a new milestone in passing a 10% share of the mobile phone market in the U.S. additionally. Since it’s been the recent trend lately, Apple has once again […]