Billy Talent Announces New Single & Tour Dates In Australia

So, the good old Canadian band Billy Talent has announced their newest single “Viking Death March” and also their Australian Tour Dates. You can check out the song below, no stupid country restrictions or anything.  Via BillyTalent     We write about stuff like this every single day on Facebook. Like us, and you won’t regret it:).

“iTunes Rewind” Highlighting Best App’s For 2011; Tiny Tower Win, Instagram, Best of Year Awards

The 2011 edition of the iTunes Rewind feature in iTunes featured by Apple has been released in the iTunes Store. This feature showcases what the company thought the best music was, the movies, TV Shows, apps, podcasts and books of 2011. Some of the winners to noticed are: Apps: – iPhone App of the Year: [...]

Apple TV Now Includes TV Show Purchasing & Streaming Available In Australia, UK and Canada

Numerous readers of MacRumors have been reporting that Apple has just released new support for their Apple TV for streaming purchased TV shows in Canada, Australia, and also the United Kingdom. Customers in those countries have been normally able to rent content movies right from the Apple TV like with Netflix, though bought content had [...]

Apple Loses Battle Against Samsung In U.S. Injunction Towards Samsung

Over the “Scrollback” patent license, just late last week, a U.S. judge refused to give Samsung a preliminary injunction which would be blocking Samsung from marketting their Galaxy lineup of smartphones and also their tablets in the U.S., which would be setting Apple back in their efforts to try and take on Samsung for their [...]

Apple Appealing, After Galaxy Tablet Ban In Australia Lifted

It has been reported by the Sydney Morning Herald that the courts in Australia have now lifted the ban of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the country of Australia, reversing the previous injunction. The full bench of the Federal Court – Justices John Dowsett, Lindsay Foster and David Yates – today unanimously reversed a [...]

Self Combustion Experienced By iPhone 4, While Being Inside Landed Plane

It has been pointed out by The Register of a press release (PDF) that came from an Australian airline Regional Express that described an accident that happened last Friday where an iPhone had actually blew itself up with descriptional words used in “self combustion” while being inside of a plane just after it landed just [...]

Holiday Sale For Friday Revealed By Apple, On November 25th

MacStories has noted that Apple has begun displaying teasers for their Black Friday sales coming up on Friday, November 25th. It was first seen on their online store for Australia and most likely will be going around the world throughout all online stores, following the normal retail stores of course. The special one-day Apple shopping [...]

Patent Cases Against Apple Building Up From Samsung Within 2012

With the recent commitment in stepping up their attacks against Apple with claims over a patent infringement that is related to 3G technologies, it appears that Samsung is set to push out into their primary phase for their campaign during the first two quarters of 2012. WIth some posturing initially being seen in some earlier [...]

Siri Going Through Significant Outages


As Apple’s new Siri personal assistant for the iPhone 4S is going through a crapload of problems currently just after the release of the feature in the phone in the new iPhone 4S, a widespread of newer outages are appearing to the most significant issue with the new device so far. Siri’s issues have been [...]

Samsubg Deposing Jony Ive, Including Other Apple Designers, Seeking iPhone 4S Source Code


The battle between Apple and Samsung legally, continues to be a huge battle of rage within a few different countries, and Samsung will be going on the offensive with their recent attempts to obtain a testimony from Apple’s senior vice president Jony Ive including other Apple designers, aswell as receiving access to Apple’s iPhone 4S [...]