Grand Central Terminal Retail Store For Apple Open As Of Black Friday?

 It has been reported by 9to5Mac that Apple is going to reveal their plans tommorow for their grand opening of the new retail store in the historic building of the Grand Central Terminal within Manhattan. It is said by Apple that they have been trying to ready their store for an opening in mid-November for [...]

Apple Reels In Production Of iPad 2 Displays, As iPad 3 Productions Rolls Out

It has been reported by Digitimes that Apple has reeled in their fourth quarter orders of displays for the iPad 2, the displays, which with this decision it could mean a strategy to start preparing for the release of the iPad 3 for sometime earlier next year to be released, rather than a shorter fall [...]

While Verizon & Sprint Obtain iPhone, AT&T Users Remain Loyal

It has been reported by MarketWatch about comments that were made from AT&T executive Glen Lurie saying that their carrier’s “churn rate” has been remaining quite steady ever since Verizon and Sprint started offering their iPhone a little earlier this year. Observers normally expected that AT&T could be experiencing a high amount of user defection [...]

How Apple Uses Their Supply Chain As A Weapon Strategically

It’s been reported by Businessweek, whom has provided an interesting look at Apple’s supply chain and how they have managed to “fine tune” their operations into a competitive advantage. According to more than a dozen interviews with former employees, executives at suppliers, and management experts familiar with the company’s operations, Apple has built a closed [...]

Chief Of Retail Ron Johnson Leaves Apple For J.C. Penney, With No Successor Name Given


Along the lines of his previously-announced move from being with Target, to Apple, Ron Johnson has left his current position of being the senior vice president of retail at Apple to be the new CEO of department store J.C. Penney. 9to5Mac also noticed, that Johnson was removed from Apple’s list of senior executives. It was [...]

600,000 Suspicious Log-Ins Per Day Stopped By Facebook


It is indicated that the larger Facebook security infographic shows that .06 of around 1 billion log-ins daily on Facebook are blocked, though using the word “comprised” is something that has created some confusion. This security infographic was showed on Facebooks blog post that shows 600,000 log-ins each day are comprised apparently. It’s a given [...]

Printing Websites in Firefox 3 to PDF… FML, I Found A Solution Though!


So I have always been a Firefox user and fanatic. I tried “PDF Download” which apparently is supposed to make it extremely easy to save webpages to PDF’s. I tried going to File, “Save Page as PDF” in Firefox and it opened another page to confirm what I was doing and it loaded and never [...]