“Mastered for iTunes” Progam Being Reviewed On Sound Quality

Earlier on in this current year, Apple started out in showing off more details in regards to their “Mastered for iTunes” program, while asking that music professionals provide high-quality content to the iTunes Music Store . The much higher-quality sources of material would be processed directly to the guidelines of Apple, which is being requested […]

Apple’s Scott Forstall Being Profiled As “CEO-In-Waiting”


As it was noted just last September, Adam Lashinsky from Fortune has already written a new book being entitled Inside Apple: How America’s Most Admired — and Secretive — Company Really Works, which is an unauthorized deep look inside at the workings of Apple behind closed doors. It’s due for a release coming on January […]

Apple Building Giant Flying Saucer To Go To Mars


Ok I was joking, but the image below inspired it. Basically what’s happening and what the title should of been is that Apple is revising their design plans that have been revised, and renduring the newest campus. iPhoneinCanada has noted that Apple just recently submitted their renewed plans for their own so-called “Spaceship” proposal for […]

A Closer Look On Apple’s GPS Shopper Locating Software


Last week later on, The New York Times looked deeper into the retail store software supplied by Apple for their retail staff, which is used for in response of customer requests for help, which offers a very rare glimpse to the public of how the internal application works and what it looks like. The app […]

Original Apple Corporate Papers Being Auctioned Off For $150,000


It has been reported by Bloomberg that Sotheby’s is preparing their own auction to start off with the original three-page document that was being served in between Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and last but not least Ron Wayne to start off Apple Computers as of April 1st, 1976. On December 13th being the starting date […]

Thunderbolt Docking System In Works Of Intel, For PC’s

It has been reported by VR-Zone, that Intel is silently putting the work into making a new standard docking format for the newest Ultrabook platform. The newest docking station would be integrating a Thunderbolt connector, and also a proprietary connector additionally. The newest non-Thunderbolt display port would apparently be utilized as a power source additionally, […]

Black Friday Is Almost Here, Apple’s iPad 2, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac Being Discounted


It has been revealed by 9to5Mac of the prices for the 2011 Black Friday Sales. The lineup of discounts with last years prices, with only small discounts on the products made by the company. Drops in prices for the core products within Apple are: iPad 2 – $41 to $61 Off iPod nano – $11 […]

October’s Sales Of Mac’s Hits Record Of 5 Million Units For This Quarter

It has been reported by AppleInsider that a new research that was done by Piper Jaffray and analyst Gene Munster both share data on the U.S. Mac sales for this month of October from the NPD. And according to the data coming from NPD, the sales of Apple’s Mac’s were up 19% year-over-year which puts […]

Is Amazon Prepared In Taking On Apple’s Siri With Their Latest Voice Recognition Company Purchase?

It has been reported by The Atlantic that a filing in Securities and Exchange Comission leaks information on Amazon saying that they have bought a voice recognition company called Yap, which shows signs of maybe them attempting to take on Apple and Google in that market share. Though the acquisition was apparently completed in September, […]

Tim Cook Puts Stamps Foot On Apple

A look at the first two months of the role as CEO, was taken by The Wall Street Journal, taking note of some of the differences between his style of management compared to Steve Jobs. In recent weeks, Mr. Cook has tended to administrative matters that never interested Mr. Jobs, such as promotions and corporate […]