Documentary On Steve Jobs Airing On Air Tonight On PBS And UK’s Channel 4

Last week it was noted by Macrumors that PBS was to be premiering their new documentary on Steve Jobs for November 2nd, two days ago. Which this offered interviews with a number of personalities that are prominent, and displays connections to Jobs. It’s also included in the documentary, some clips from a rare 1994 interview […]

The All New 2011 Sony Tablet S 32GB Is Here, But Is It Better Than The Rest?

When all we had was a drawing of the Tablet S, the look of the tablet was exciting. It was the S1 at that time, which at that time still gave it a mysterious name to it. This baby has the most good looks I’ve seen in most Android tablets. Coming with Honeycomb it is, […]

“The Shawshank Redemption”: Quite Possibly The Best Movie Of All Time


Quite possibly the best movie of all time. Above all, it is a movie about a man who gets framed for killing his wife, and innocently taken into a prison for life. Little does anyone know, but he has found hope within himself and no one knows why during the whole period of time he […]

Top Ten Prison Break/Survival Movies Of All Time


Ok so there was not enough prison break movies to make a list, so I made a Prison Break and Survival movies list. All movies in this list are shown in the order of my liking, so if you don’t like it make your own list!. Also, there may have been some movies that would […]