Apple Wants To Buy German TV Maker “Loewe”?


According to rumors, Apple is wanting to buy the German luxury television maker Loewe (makes me think of Lowes), which is said by a report that is unconfirmed by AppleInsider. The site is saying that Apple is offering them €87.3 million for this firm, which is a 48% premium coming from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange […]

Google Creating Wireless Home Entertainment Center

Apparently, Google is creating a wireless home entertainment center that is designed to be streaming music throughout the room it’s placed in, according to the Wall Street Journal. This new device would be made under the brand of Google and also would be created upon the Google Android OS. Google has already sold a few […]

Bluetooth Support Planned By Apple To Be Included For Airplay, Expanding iOS Accessory Abilities

The Macotakara blog that is Japanese (via Appleinsider) has reported that Apple has placed their own MFI Conference in the country of China, in a city called Shenzen, just recently in this week. The abbreviation “MFI” is Apple’s own technology or compatability thing for the iPod, iPhone and iPad which means “Made For iPod” (or […]

Mirroring Of AirPlay and iMessage On It’s Way To Mac OS X Lion

Mirrior in AirPlay and iMessage are apparently on their way to OS X Lion in a new report from 9to5Mac, and their sources. [youtube Xx_on3pWxvQ] This shows AirPlay Mirroring being demoed on an iPad 2 Mirroring in AirPlay is a newer feature that made it’s first appearance on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S, which […]