Why Read Magazines Anymore? That’s What Blogs Are For…

Magazines were something I thoroughly enjoyed as a kid. I loved Popular Science and Popular Mechanics, and I always gazed at other magazines like PCworld and other magazines to do with Mac’s and other stuff that was technology related. On top of that I read Automobile and also Car And Driver. But do I still […]

Slightly False Advertising Of Siri By Apple In Advertisements Leads To Getting Sued


It has been reported by The Wall Street Journal that the target is now Apple for a newer lawsuit coming from an iPhone 4S customer who is claiming that the company is engaging in a “deceptive and misleaded” advertising promotion for their personal assistant, Siri as being a feature of the device. Frank Fazio, the […]

Plentyoffish.com Removes “Viewed Me” Feature To Free Users, Now You Must Pay

Update: It was just a few days later that the feature was restored by Markus. You no longer need to pay for the Premium membership to see who viewed your profile, as it may seem as no big deal, I’d say it’s one of the most used features on the site, as who would not […]

Apple Has Hired Adobe’s Executive Todd Teresi To Lead Mobile iAd Program


As reported by Adam Satariano from Bloomberg, Apple has now hired Adobe’s own executive named Todd Teresi to lead the iAd mobile advertising program. More information on this new hire is still to be announced. Apple has hired Adobe’s Todd Teresi to head iAd. Story coming…. As being the VP of Adobe’s own Media Solutions […]

Apple Ramping Up iPhone 4S Ads, Three Newer Ad’s, Showing Off iCloud, Siri, Camera

[youtube 5ba0tZ_P5cg] Apple is ramping up their iPhone 4S ads, and they’ve posted three newer advertisements on their Youtube channel. The newer advertisements focus on features that are specific to be found on the iPhone 4S and iOS5, and Siri, iCloud and last but not least the new Camera in the iPhone 4S. This counts […]