Facebook Unfriending Leads To Murder

Okay so according to Cnet, I’m sure alot of people hate it when any of there friends can remove them off their friend’s list, well apparently this has lead to murder. And stay tuned for more, because I think that this is just the beginning, as the feature can REALLY piss anyone off, leading to […]

Walter Isaacson’s Interview About Steve Jobs On 60 Minutes Viewable Here

The video interview with Walter Isaacson on his book of Steve Job’s interview has been posted on Youtube. There are a number of extras that were not included in the broadcasted video. The interview which is double the length, promotes Job’s with an authorized biography which will be on sale in the U.S. and is […]

Jobs Regrets Decision To Delay Early Cancer Surgery

With the authorization of the biography of Steve Jobs that is set for release next Monday by Walter Isaacson, there are small bits of info in the book that has been coming to the surface from time to time. The significant revelations are to become available to the public ahead of the books launch on […]