The iPhone 5 Is Here, What Do You Think?

Source: Apple

So it’s confirmed, and yes the release date is today. The iPhone 5 with a bigger screen is here, and the screen is 4″ as the rumors said it would be, plus it’s Retina as well. Apparently, the wireless is faster, and probably including the carrier connectivity speeds (depending on where you are). It comes [...]

Will You Preorder The iPhone 5 Tommorow?


The iPhone 5 is rumored to come out tommorow, and that’s basically every technology blog on the internet saying this. Of course one blog says something, and the rest repeat it, like here. But I think the math has been done in the past iPhone releases, but let’s start from the bottom and make our [...]

Set-Top TV Box By Apple Selling A Predicted 4 Million Units, Grabbing 32% Market Share This Year

Strategy Analytics the market research firm reported today on the revealing of their newer research report that covers “TV connected players”, just like the Apple TV and also Roku Boxes. As said in this report, it is predicted of Apple to sell around four million Apple TV’s this year for 2011, which takes the lead [...]

Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Retail Store Packed Upon Grand Opening

Just after last Wednesday’s media preview event, the new massive retail store for Apple in Manhattan’s own Grand Central Terminal officially opened to the public just today at 10:00AM. As previously noted by Fortune, the terminal was filled with a crapload of people just waiting for the store to be opened just as even more [...]

Reference For Next Gen iPhone (5,1) And iPad In iOS 5.1 Beta


The beta for iOS 5.1 has seemed to show off a crapload of product ids with more exposure to the iPad 2,4 and also the codename of J33 for the Apple Television. The part number that has been discovered to this date coming from iOS 5.1 is the iPhone 5,1 which is noted by @FillippoBiga [...]

Beta References Of iOS 5.1 Unreleased Variant Of iPad 2 (iPad 2,4)


The SDK of iOS 5.1 Beta has shown a never before seen iPad product id, as said accordingly by 9to5Mac. The id of the product says “iPad2,4″, which is suggesting a variant that is minor of the current lineup of iPad 2′s. The iPad currently has the following number designations, which are showing comparisons based [...]

Apple Stacking Up 4″ Screens In Stock For Upcoming iPhone?

It has been claimed by Macotakara, that the Displays from Hitachi and Sony’s Display Corporation have started shipping out 4″ LCD’s for the newest upcoming iOS device, which is rumored to be released next year sometime in September. According to Asian source, Hitachi Displays, Ltd. and Sony Mobile Display Corporation started to ship 4-inch LCD [...]

AT&T Bumps Free iPhone 3GS To A Price Of A Whopping $.99

In a questionable move, the price of the iPhone 3GS has been moved up by AT&T to $.99 just up from being free. After the iPhone 4S was released last October, it was specifically mentioned by Apple in their release to the press that their iPhone 4 and 3GS will be available in capacities of [...]

Man Behind Siri Voice For UK “Daniel” Speaks Up

A number of years ago, Jon Briggs did a voiceover job for a firm called Scansoft. The company later on merged with Nuance, which makes the voices that Apple used in their Siri. It was said by Briggs, telling the UK Telegraph: “I did a set of recordings with Scansoft five or six years ago, [...]