Tax Incentives For Expansion In Austin Make Apple Mad

Previously last month, the State of Texus had revealed that Apple would be making a huge overhaul in their existing customer support and also administrative campus in Austin, while investing over $300 million in adding 3,600 workers at this site shown below. This step would be increasing the workforce in Austin by over double for [...]

Apple Providing 500 More Jobs In Ireland At European Headquarters

It has been reported by RTE that Apple is already making plans to provide 500 more jobs within their European headquarters in Cork, Ireland, which brings a total amount of workers to 3,300 as the company is continually working towards the expansion of their business in that region specifically. The company plans to construct a [...]

iPad’s Success Continues, As Non-iPad Markets Being Led By Touchpad Fire Sales In U.S.

A new study was released today by the NPD firm of non-iPad tablet sales within the U.S., which goes to show that the sell-through is remaining to be very small in comparison to Apple’s dominating share in this market. The report says accordingly, that about 1.2 million non-iPad tablets were being sold in the U.S. [...]

More Rumors Of A 2048×1536 Resolution Display For iPad 3

Rumors have been circulating all over, and DisplayScratch’s analyst Richard Shim is telling Cnet that Apple has already started working on the 2048×1536 resolution’d iPad 3. “It’s happening–QXGA, 2048×1536. Panel production has started [for the next-generation iPad]. There’s three suppliers,” Richard Shim, an analyst at DisplaySearch, said in an interview today. Shim confirmed other reports [...]

iPhone 4S Released In Hong Kong & South Korea With Long Lineups

The iPhone 4S was released officially in the fifteen newer countries just today, with South Korea and Hong Kong being two of those countries with them being the two highest-profile newer markets. Following the opening in Hong Kong, M.I.C. gadget had noted that over 3,000 buyers showed up at the massive new retail store by [...]

Apple Ramping Up iPhone 4S Ads, Three Newer Ad’s, Showing Off iCloud, Siri, Camera

[youtube 5ba0tZ_P5cg] Apple is ramping up their iPhone 4S ads, and they’ve posted three newer advertisements on their Youtube channel. The newer advertisements focus on features that are specific to be found on the iPhone 4S and iOS5, and Siri, iCloud and last but not least the new Camera in the iPhone 4S. This counts [...]

Samsung And LG Struggling Still With Their “Retina” iPad 3 Display


As reported by CNET, the LG Display and Samsung show signs that they are still struggling with the display that is being planned for the iPad 3 next year, which gives both comapnies time to tackle on the challenge of creating a display in volume. Claims from sources say that Apple is planning ot make [...]

Newest iPad Being Released In March?, Or Not Until Q3 2012?


On and off, the industry publisher Digitimes keeps saying that Apple’s next iPad will be getting into massive factory production very soon and will come out in March 2012, the catch which is according to their own sources, that this newer iPad is not seen by Apple as being the iPad 3, but instead a [...]

Battlefield 3 Launch Trailer Out

[youtube Q7GVSx7yMaA] Climbing it’s way to the high number of 60 industry awards, Battlefield 3 is out just next week and people may or may not be lined up at retail stores as it should be available through the digital download service. This launch trailer shows gamers some insight on the intense single player campaign, [...]