Do The Big Facebook Share Buttons Really Work?


Below, you’ll see the big Facebook share button that you can see on many other sites. Basically, it’s obviously only there because of a plugin I installed, and I made an article on how to install it on a blog here. Some people may dislike the small button on the right of this share button, […]

You Won't Believe How I Got This Facebook Share Button On My Blog. It's Incredible.


This is a button, that is probably the most wanted social sharing button all over the internet right now. It’s because it’s coming from, which is one of the worlds most popular viral media sites, which was the first of it’s kind to start a smaller blog with content based off Upworthy and Buzzfeed. […]

What Should I Do About The Annoying "Site Lockout Notification" Emails I'm Getting Daily?


Question: What does it mean when I receive an email notification saying “[] Site Lockout Notification”?. Answer: This is an email notification triggered by the WordPress plugin called iThemes Security (which is formerly Better WP Security). It’s actually a plugin I recommend, and no it is not made by Apple, it just has an “i” […]

Sidebar Content Pushed Down In The "News Pro" Theme Or Other Studiopress Themes? No Problem!


If you just bought the Studiopress themes awhile ago, or just one of them, and you are having a problem with your sidebar content getting pushed down to the lower part of the page, this should fix the problem. Most commonly this problem occurs if the site is yours and your viewing it with Chrome […]

Achieve The End Of Article Slide-Out Facebook Like Box For WordPress

Update: At the bottom of this article, I have shown how you can make readers more aware of how to close off this box.    All of you guys probably want this nice “slide out box”, which you will see on many viral media sites like ViralNova for one, and many other sites as well. […]

Change WordPress Domains And Fix Broken Images With Ease. This Saved Me Hours Of Work.


If you’ve ever migrated a blog to a new domain (all people would have multiple reasons why they do this), you probably learned that all the images in all posts that are uploaded locally, will break and not display because your domain has changed. This is a pain in the butt. Guess what I always […]

A Possible Fix For The WordPress Error "Internal Server Error" While Hosted On Godaddy

After moving a blog of mine from WPengine to Godaddy (though I am still with WPengine with another blog). I have encountered this error countless times as soon as I successfully uploaded all the blog’s files and also after deleting the WPengine core files which are the folder “mu-plugins” and the file “object-cache.php” in the […]

Discovering New Browser Themes For Chrome

Discovering this option in Chrome was something that took me a few months to think about and try out. Why?, well I had tried “Personas” in Firefox in a galaxy, far, far away. But after retiring from Firefox, and moving over to Chrome, I first had to get used to the basics of Chrome. And […]

How To Avoid Duplicate Image Uploads In WordPress Posts

What you see below is what happens when you upload one image named a certain name, then upload another image that has a different picture but the same name.     The Problem I guess this may have been easy for some to figure out, but it took myself awhile to figure out why it […]

Honda Showcases New 2013 Accord Sedan & Coupe


Honda has showcased some new photos of the newest 2013 Honda Accord Sedan and also the Coupe, which is the ninth generation of the best selling model of it’s kind. The interior space has apparently been increased, as the length overall is down a bit. As the styling is pretty much resembling the Hyundai Genesis […]