View Plenty Of Fish Profiles Anonymously


As you can see in the image above, you must simply be in the search menu of while either logged in or not logged in at all.

If you see a profile you are interested in and you don’t want them to see you viewing them, you simply right click on their username and click Copy Link Location and then paste it into a different browser.

First off, you can simply log out of your profile on and then paste the URL into your web address bar and press enter, to view the profile anonymously.

Or you can open a new browser. As long as you are not logged into your account and your viewing the profile then you will not be seen by that user.

For some of you, this is important to know. I know some people though, that simply do not care at all.

Last note is, eventually after viewing a few profiles, POF will kick you out and back to the home screen to make you register to view profiles. But you can simply re-paste the URL of the profile and go back, or go back to and click on Search again. and are both the same website, too.

Update: It seems that with a Premium account with Plenty Of Fish, you can view what city or state the person views the profile from, if that personthat is viewing you is logged into their account when you are being viewed.

But then again, you can just click on the profile link on the image and see what city or state that person is from, so it’s not really a cutting-edge feature.


  1. Annonymous says

    It seems as if they can tell what city / state the person views the profile from with a premium account.

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