Apple Expands Retail Stores In Switzerland And France


It has been reported by ifoAppleStore in an article from a French magazine called Aix en Dialogue that has noted that Apple is now preparing to create a newer store in the Aix-en-Provence, France. As the store is appearing to be quite a small one compared to Apple’s usual standards, the newest design that looks shocking is seeing the store being set back on a plaza and being built mostly with see-through glass with a big rear wall that hides all of the backroom operations.

According to magazine, the current tired-looking tourism office on the south side of Place du General de Gaulle will be demolished and the Apple store will be constructed at the site. A rendering posted by the magazine shows a one-level structure set back on a broad stone plaza, with a tan-colored rear wall, and all other encompassing walls made of glass. A second rendering shows the store is an extension of a design roughly based on the Upper West Side (NYC) store.

It is indicated in the report that the newest store, which is also identified with a lower-profiled fountain on the plaza aswell, could be opening by the later quarter of 2012 or earlier on in 2013.

In the mean time, it has also been reported by [Google translation] that they have now gained access to the plans made by Apple for their very first retail store in Basel, Switzerland. It’s been recently revised by the company with their plans with their store to be meeting the requirements of the officials that are planning everything, while the current tenants have already vocated this location eversince late last year and Apple is almost ready to start construction on their own newest store, which would be the fourth Apple retail store in Switzerland.


The newest two-leveled sales floors of the newest, and fourthcoming store has measurements of a modest 460 modest square meters (around 5,000 square feet) with just around the same amount of space that is dedicated in the backroom fpr storage and also of course a conference room, and also the building systems. Schematics for this store is showing a staircase that is around the back of the store for moving directly in between the two sales floors back and fourth, with also a ground floor hosting twelve newer display tables and also the next level hosting that includes numerous other display tables and also something that seems to appear to be a pair of 12-seated Genius Bars too.

With it being a given that Apple will be taking down the current building that is there right now, to construct their newest Basel store in the location that is not likely to open until around 2013.


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