Voice Recognition Interfaces In Preporation For TV Industry For 2012

Source: Macrumors.com

It has been reported by Businessweek regarding a movement that is going towards voice recognition enabled TV remotes in the coming months, up to a year from now. This decision has been triggered by Apple’s own plans in entering the TV market in the coming months aswell. It was said by Steve Jobs that he had actually “finally cracked it“, which is referring to the user interface of the TV. It is believed by most people that this kind of revelation is actually related to the Siri-voice recognition software from the iPhone 4S, and the TV hardware manufacturers are on the move so far:

Whether the rumors are true that Apple is planning to release a TV set by 2013, Siri-like voice recognition is headed for the living room. Microsoft (MSFT) is already there, via its Xbox 360 game console, and Comcast (CMCSA), Samsung Electronics (SHCAY), LG, and Sharp are working on voice-enabled features for TV sets, set-top boxes, and related products.

It is suggested by Businessweek that a voice recognition command going as simple as “Record the next episode of The Simpsons” is pretty much all that’s needed for the improvement over the current technology. From Nielsen Norman Group, Jakob Nielsen says that “Anything would be better than what is currently available now”.

Newer remove devices are coming up that are said to actually look like iPhones rather than like the traditional remotes available today, with a possible single button to activate the microphone to allow you to use the voice recognition software. Others companies are working hard to simply integrated the microphones into the living room and eliminate a remote all together. It is suggested by Nuance that 5% of all TV’s could be voice activated by Christmas in 2012.

It was previously reported regarding the competitors “scrambling” in figuring out what an Apple TV could look like. This is leading towards the current number of plans for tablets coming from competitors in the past that is following the launch of the first iPad.


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