Walter Isaacson’s Interview About Steve Jobs On 60 Minutes Viewable Here

The video interview with Walter Isaacson on his book of Steve Job’s interview has been posted on Youtube. There are a number of extras that were not included in the broadcasted video. The interview which is double the length, promotes Job’s with an authorized biography which will be on sale in the U.S. and is currently available on iBooks and other parts of the world additionally. Starting from the top is part 1, and so on and so fourth to the bottom. The book on the Steve Job’s Biography by Walter Isaacson is available on Amazon, and also iBooks.

[youtube 1jqSK8Qv4ZY]

[youtube CXcfDN6L9d8]

[youtube DiGR70BBMt4]

[youtube MlZNVMxVUZQ]

You need to have Adobe Flash installed to view these flash embedded videos. If there are any broken links please let me know.


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