The Google Nexus Giveaway Contest


So you have already read on why the new update from Google for their Android OS, “Ice Cream Sandwich” and why it is so good, well you are probably aware of the Galaxy Nexus too. Well apparently it’s not out yet, but carriers have yet to release it. Well for the time being, Google is apparently handing out ten of them to winners in their contest.

Google began a promo today on their Google+ and Twitter pages, explaining the contest as I explained above. What you must do is be “wise” and pay attention to Googles pages, I guess on Google+ and Twitter. Every day from today until November 21st, 2011, Google will be providing a challenge to all of the followers. And the lucky winner from a region that is eligible for the contest who submits the right answer will be given a Galaxy Nexus.

This competition is skills-based, which is a competitions that is evaluated by judges, so you will need to pull your hair out to prepare to be paying close attention to websites, for awhile, in preporation as it’s easier to have your hair pulled out first. This “skills-based” competition is a challenge, and it’s definitely not something I would do myself, because I would rather sit in my chair eating a whole pizza with lots of beer around me making me so fat that I I had a heart attack.

For more details on the rules, on eligibility, and schedules for the challenges, check this out. Also follow the Android Google+ page, and the Google Nexus Twitter pages to be up to date on these challenges. The contest will only be open to U.S. legal residents, District of Columbia, Australia, Canada (without the frenchies from Quebec), France (Doh!), Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, South Korea and last but not least the United Kingdom.


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