Just Over 10% Of U.S. Mobile Phone Users Using iPhone Now

Results were released by comScore yesterday to show their latest survey of the mobile phone usage in the United States Of America, showing that Apple has reached a new milestone in passing a 10% share of the mobile phone market in the U.S. additionally. Since it’s been the recent trend lately, Apple has once again taken the lead in the major phone manufacturers, in growth between the three-period that ends in June and the other period that ends in September, which shows growth of 1.3%, a percentage point to hit 10.2% of the U.S. market.

Source: Macrumors.com

Specifically aiming at smartphones, Apple’s own iOS took 27.4% of the market share, which is up 0.8% points ever since the three-month period which is trailing Google’s Andriod which is at 44.8% and they’ve had a 4.6% share increase. Apple was standing at 9.8% in the the overall smartphone market and 27.3% of the smartphone market, previously in last months release of their rolling three-month data sets.

Source: Macrumors.com

comScores own data shows that installed user base rather than being the new handset sales, which makes it more of a “reflective” way of looking at the reality of the world usage but it’s slower to respond to the shift market trends compared to other studies that have been done. Today’s release data shows the period of July going through September, which is very important to mention that it does not include any kind of surge from the iPhone 4S release, which took place in mid-October.



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