HTC G1 Gets To Eat Some Iced Cream Sandwich

[youtube Ym4A82ft5pw]

Despite the fact that Google’s Android OS update “Ice Cream Sandwich” has it’s source code available to the world, Engadget received a heads up that it has been put onto the first ever Google Android phone, which is HTC’s G1. This phone was last seen, using a unofficial Honeycomb port installed, but now jcarrz1 coming from the XDA-Developers is now showing off his new Android, that is only new because it’s coming with the Android 4.0 as you can see in the video. The touchscreen so far is (very slowly) functional and working, though with the crapload of applications and the “ICS goodies”, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and rotation are still not working. That’s pretty cool to see for a phone that people said would not see any version of the Android OS past 1.5. So just click the damn play button above on the video and see what it really is like to be in heaven, geek heaven that is. And also check out the source code below to take a look at the alpha release and install this bad boy on an iPhone and make a video of it, don’t forget to make a video of it.

It also seems that the faster the hardware the less sluggish the OS runs, which is completely obvious but… I just want a faster phone, I hope you know what I mean.


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