Galaxy Nexus Release Date Fades, And Device Has Been Caught On FCC


And here is a bigger change in the pace of this device: The Euros now know when they will get a certain device, where the Americans are usually still twiddling their thumbs. Meanwhile, numerous European carriers and retailers have already given a date to when they will receive a Galaxy Nexus, later this month or earlier in December, the U.S. still has to get a concrete date for when they will have to expect the device.

In knowing when we will all go broke purchasing a newer phone is no fun at all, but at least we will know when the device has passed through FCC’s gates, and their certification is required for any device to be sold in the U.S. and so the Nexus getting wings means its that much closer to being sold, which is hopefully exactly will be happening.

It’s been heard everywhere with rumors of release dates speculating all over the internet. At least we know right now that the Nexus will be running Ice Cream Sandwich, and will have access to Verizons 4G LTE network, and will be released sometime this year (shoot me). It has been noted by Droid-Life that Android UI guru Matias Duarte has promised that this new phone will be released in “November” sometime, in a very recent appearance. All we must do now is wait, “twindle our fingers”, scratch our heads and hope for the best. Taking up drinking is an option too.

Via Androinica, Droid-Life, FCC, Wireless Goodness.


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