How To: Sync Samsung Galaxy S with Mac OS X

Hello all, I bet you just got a Samsung Galaxy S (Android Phone) and you got a Mac and you want to sync files to and from the device. I found the solution through a thread I discovered on Google. Well it seems impossible at first but all you’ve got to do is: On your […]

Why Should The 2010 Honda CR-Z Be Considered, Sporty?

So here I am, a Honda only guy. I prefer them over Fords, Chrystlers, GMC’s and Chevy’s. And so on. Reliability stands in front of those automakers as Honda has always been the most reliable in the whole automobile industry. But the CR-Z used to be called something else, it was the CR-X. This was […]

Firefox 4 Is Out, But With A Catch

I have tested Firefox 4 as it now is available as the default download from Mozilla’s website. There are many sites that do not display properly, like Apple’s Mac OS X Lion webpage which I wanted to see. Comparing some pages that do not display properly wiht Safari helped me see what was really wrong. […]

iPod Classic Retiring? Not Yet Says Steve Jobs

This piece of history was a slight indicator aiming towards the possibility showing that the iPod Classic may be discontinued soon. As the first ever iPod was introduced ten years ago you would think the ancient spinning hard drive-based mp3 players would be instinct by now. These indicators or retiring first showed a sign when […]

Mac OS X 10.6.7 Released By Apple

Today, Mac OS X 10.6.7 was released by Apple which is the seventh update for Snow Leopard through Software Update. Not just any update, but a maintenance update. This brings forward alot of bug fixes which the bugs existed ever since the release of 10.6.6 in the midst of last January. The 10.6.7 Update is […]

More Android Security Threats: Google Android security tool discovered in China, “Trojanized”?

Code that is very suspicious is traveling around in a Chinese version of the Google tool package revealed just last weekend to from a distance clean out malicious applications off Android phones, said today by Symantec. This version of the package that is apparently “trojanized” was discovered on a very unregulated foreign Chinese marketplace and […]

SMS Wishes: Android Application Review

Alright, so we all have now switched to the smart phone almost… which according to this article, there were 60.2 million smartphone users in the U.S. last 2010 according to the eMarketer report. At the end of 2011, GigaOM says one in two Americans will have a smartphone. And in Canada, who knows probably the […]