Apple’s App Store Has It’s First Anniversary


The very first celebration of the anniversary for the App Store has began and there is now a “special” section in iTunes showing their favourite App’s and Games. Since the officially started and was launched on July 11th, 2008 some MacRumors readers have been able to enter the App Store right after the 2.0 firmware was unintentionally released by Apple.

The page of Apple’s most favourite apps, in the App store which the lists seem to vary by different countries. Some of these “favourite” lists in the U.S. include (links to iTunes):

- MLB at Bat ($9.99)
- Brushes ($4.99)
- Ocarina ($0.99)
- Things ($9.99)
- Real Racing ($9.99)
- Toki Tori ($0.99)
- Eliss ($0.99)

Apple’s inspirational “App Store” has come down a long road after a whole year with about 56,000 apps now available at the App Store. Meanwhile all of Apple’s choices have their own merits, the last game that was listed was Eliss, which was originally an iPhone game that makes some use of the iPhone specific multi-touch screen accessories which allow you to pinch and also push together objects to create the correct size. The rest of these lists have more well known games such as Sims and Fieldrunners and also some useful web-friendly applications such as Facebook and Ebay Mobile for you to access.

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