Can You Artificially Create A Forum?


A forum is very different than building a blog. I found it to be pretty interesting to try it out. So I will explain what I’ve done and what I suggest you try. I first began looking for open source forum packages and discovered bbPress for WordPress, which allows you to create a forum within [...]

Disable All Flash In Chrome With A Click-To-View Function


I can admit that sometimes it’s just annoying to have all these flash advertisements showing up in websites which play sound without my permission, and it’s annoying. With Chrome, you can change this, and this applies to all different versions of Chrome, and may work in Chromium as well which is for Linux. Any ways, [...]

A Personal Review Of EaseUS Partition Master Professional


EaseUS’s program here that I am reviewing, is called what it says in the image below. It’s “EaseUS Partition Master Professional”. It is, of course, pretty affordable at $39.99 for a single license. But you can either use their free version of this application, or go for the Professional copy which gives you some features [...]

A Screen Capturing Program For XP, Vista, And Windows 7


Question: What program should I use for taking screenshots in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7?. Answer: This is actually not ask very much around here. So I can only recommend one program for Windows XP and one program for Vista and Windows 7. It’s not very easy to just to take a picture with [...]

Top Website Traffic Estimators That Are Worth Shaking A Stick At


I am the kind of guy that really dislikes using the old methods of estimating traffic. Alexa is old, and other new sites at the top of the search results in Google are best to use for estimating traffic. Not all of them are 100% accurate, as I have used them all for my own [...]

After I've Being With Almost 10 Different Hosting Companies, Which One Is The Best?


I was thinking of making this a Page, with calling it something cheesy like… “The Top Ten Hosting Companies”, but I think I am going to make it an actual post. The only thing I feel I can really do is make this visible to everyone and I’ll just let you guys decide from here [...]

Why Is Windows 8 So Hard To Navigate Through?


Question: Why is Windows 8 so different?, how do I navigate through it like Windows Vista, and Windows 7?.  Answer: Windows 8 was released in 2012 on August 1st for manufacturing, and it was then released to the general public on October 26 of that same year. But what I’ve seen myself do and some [...]

Making Your Mobile Marketing A Success


This is a guest post by Jessica Socheski. Across the globe today, one in every five people already own a smartphone. And in the U.S., 50 percent of adults use a smartphone. Projections point to these figures are continuing to rise rapidly. So naturally, companies have noticed that marketing on the mobile platform is a [...]

How Do I Prevent Sweaty Hands While Playing PC Games During The Summertime?


Question: How do I keep my hands from getting all sweaty during pc gaming sessions during the summertime?.  Answer: Basically, this is a common problem. I think it has been for everyone, and it wasn’t until recently around this time of year that some manufacturers listened and came up with some innovative ideas to prevent [...]