Was Upgrading To Windows 10 Worth It For You? Or Still Thinking About It?


Question: Is it worth upgrading to Windows 10 as it is all free and stuff?. Answer: Definitely. As of now I am typing this on a Windows 10 machine, and I was using Windows 7 Home Professional 64-bit for the longest time. After following through with the wizard to upgrade over to Win 10, it […]

Got An Email From Apple Saying To Use iCloud After Installing Google Drive?


Question: Why do I get an email notification from Apple to install iCloud, when I just installed Google Drive for Windows? Answer: This is an interesting one, and for some reason I am not suprised this happened to you. I mean it’s no big deal for the email, you can just delete it. But the […]

How to make a Paypal Donation button center in your WordPress Sidebar

Question: How do I make my Paypal Donate button in my WordPress sidebar be center and not to the left or right?.   Answer: You COULD donate something to me using the button above for making this helpful article for free ;).  So it seems, that Paypal has changed the code of their buttons in […]

Would You Keep A Dead Person Added To You On Facebook?


Question: I have one friend on my Facebook friends list that passed a way about 2 years ago, should I delete them, report them as deceased, or just leave them added?. Answer: It’s always interesting when this kind of thing happens, because you never expect it to happen. Maybe we get too caught up in […]

What The Heck Is “Information_Schema” In A MySQL Server?


Question: I see this thing called “Information_Schema” in PHPMyAdmin for my website’s hosting, what the heck is it for?, should I delete it?.    Answer: This is definitely a good question. More knowledge of how your website works is always a plus. Aside from that, let’s get right into what it is. I honestly had […]

Why Does Google Drive Say I’m Out Of Space But I’m Not Using Anything?


Question: Why do I have barely any room left in my Google Drive storage if there’s nothing in there?. Answer: This is a great question, and it’s been months before I actually decided to take a look in a certain little place before I finally figured out what the problem was. Because I did this, […]

The Evolution Of GPS


This is a guest post by Kevin Gannon. Sometimes, when you stop and think about how far we’ve come with technology in the last decade or two, it really is remarkable. This is the thought that went through my mind the other day when I decided to pull up my phone’s Find My Friend application […]

When Getting Paid By Amazon Affiliates, It Might Be Good To Know When Your Checks Will Arrive


This is a gust post by Mark Zang.  It’s really a pain when your not sure when you might get paid by Amazon, or other sources. Usually I go ahead and find out right away regardless, so that I know for future reference. An Example Of Another Advertising Agency For Adsense, it’s usually at the […]

Four Fantastic Apps For The Investment Ignoramus

Source: BestOfAll.com

This is a guest post by Paul Bryant. Dipping your toes in the waters of the stock market can be a daunting proposition for first-time investors. Luckily there’s a wealth of resources that can help provide the information you need to make smart picks on your stock and really understand the process of investing. It […]