These RGB Gaming Keyboards Will Make You Celebrate Christmas Everyday, They’re That Awesome.


This keyboard is probably one of the nicest I’ve seen before. It’s got all the colors of the rainbow, and you can program them to flash different colors. This keyboard (Corsair RGB K70) versus the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky, is a very interesting comparison. First of all, the Corsair is not as bright as the […]

If You Love Starcraft 2, You’ll Love This Mouse


It’s been about 3 months with this mouse and, I’m mostly very happy with it because I love Starcraft II and this mouse is basically built for that game. It’s called the “Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse“, which only goes for $50 USD at this current time. I never actually knew that the colors […]

A Brief Review Of The Most Affordable 4K 28″ Monitor From Samsung


Finally, I have got my hands on a new monitor for my computer. I thought I would first show the actual high resolution picture of this monitor first. Basically, it looks as beautiful as this.And after trying to take a few pictures of my monitor, I finally got a decently bright picture of it with […]

An Alternative Way Of Just Using A Custom Feedburner Widget In WordPress


So, I basically tried using a custom Feedburner URL to be inserted into a plugin like “Subscribe / Connect / Follow Widget“, for WordPress. I’ve used other plugins in the past as well. I was even tempted to make a post on this problem earlier this year. But it doesn’t seem like Google cares about […]

How To Leave A Good (Approved) Comment On A Blog


Hey all, so I thought I would give everyone a good idea of how to leave a good comment on a blog without getting it thrown in the trash. I am very picky with comments left on my blog here and I just wanted to show you guys a glimpse of what it looks like […]

Should You Still Use WordPress's "Blogroll" Feature Anymore?


Do you still use the “Blogroll” feature in WordPress?. And why should you?. Well, It’s not totally required I can kind of guess, but I just think it’s not a bad idea for any new blog just starting out, or even if you’ve been around for awhile. It used to be an integrated feature of […]

My Epic Review Of The "Mashshare" Plugin That Gave Every Blogger The Giant Facebook Share Button


So we have all seen this notorious “Share on Facebook” button on social media sites, news media sites, and beyond. But if I or you own a blog, how do we use it?. It’s either the creator of Mashable, the developers from there, or some developers from some where else that decided to make these […]

Making Your Mobile Marketing A Success


This is a guest post by Jessica Socheski. Across the globe today, one in every five people already own a smartphone. And in the U.S., 50 percent of adults use a smartphone. Projections point to these figures are continuing to rise rapidly. So naturally, companies have noticed that marketing on the mobile platform is a […]

How Do I Prevent Sweaty Hands While Playing PC Games During The Summertime?


Question: How do I keep my hands from getting all sweaty during pc gaming sessions during the summertime?.  Answer: Basically, this is a common problem. I think it has been for everyone, and it wasn’t until recently around this time of year that some manufacturers listened and came up with some innovative ideas to prevent […]

Why Your Mouse Stays On After Shutting Off Your Computer And What You Can Do About It


Question: Why does my mouse light stay on after shutting down my PC? Answer: I know it almost looks like my computer is on in that picture, but really, I have to cover my mouse every time I go to bed because the light gets in my eyes and keeps me from sleeping. There are […]