When Getting Paid By Amazon Affiliates, It Might Be Good To Know When Your Checks Will Arrive


This is a gust post by Mark Zang.  It’s really a pain when your not sure when you might get paid by Amazon, or other sources. Usually I go ahead and find out right away regardless, so that I know for future reference. An Example Of Another Advertising Agency For Adsense, it’s usually at the […]

Four Fantastic Apps For The Investment Ignoramus

Source: BestOfAll.com

This is a guest post by Paul Bryant. Dipping your toes in the waters of the stock market can be a daunting proposition for first-time investors. Luckily there’s a wealth of resources that can help provide the information you need to make smart picks on your stock and really understand the process of investing. It […]

Why Does Safari In Windows Crash So Often? WebKit2Process.exe Is To Blame


So your probably dealing with a problem with Safari in Windows (version 5.1.7 build 7534.57.2). The version of Safari I just mentioned was the last version of the web browser made by Apple specifically for the Windows operating system. As it mostly functions all the time, sometimes the odd error comes up. I haven’t had […]

What Should Be The Max Width Of An Image In A Genesis Theme Post?


Here’s a quick tip, if your new to Genesis Themes and you don’t know what the max width of your images should be, then it’s a great idea to look into this, so that your images to not stretch across your posts. This looks bad on a WordPress blog, especially if you are trying to […]

Here’s A 1080p Webcam For All You Mac + PC Perfectionists


Logitech, is probably the top brand I always look at for Webcams. I have owned two other Webcams in the same brand, and they usually support both platforms too (Windows and Mac). Or if the given Logitech camera that you have is not supported for the Mac, you can usually find a third party driver […]

These RGB Gaming Keyboards Will Make You Celebrate Christmas Everyday, They’re That Awesome.


This keyboard is probably one of the nicest I’ve seen before. It’s got all the colors of the rainbow, and you can program them to flash different colors. This keyboard (Corsair RGB K70) versus the Razer BlackWidow Chroma Clicky, is a very interesting comparison. First of all, the Corsair is not as bright as the […]

If You Love Starcraft 2, You’ll Love This Mouse


It’s been about 3 months with this mouse and, I’m mostly very happy with it because I love Starcraft II and this mouse is basically built for that game. It’s called the “Razer Spectre StarCraft II Gaming Mouse“, which only goes for $50 USD at this current time. I never actually knew that the colors […]

A Brief Review Of The Most Affordable 4K 28″ Monitor From Samsung


Finally, I have got my hands on a new monitor for my computer. I thought I would first show the actual high resolution picture of this monitor first. Basically, it looks as beautiful as this.And after trying to take a few pictures of my monitor, I finally got a decently bright picture of it with […]